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The International Rum Council is an independent group of rum professionals who promote the beauty of Rum. We travel, write, judge, consult and live rum.

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  • Travel

    Each of our members go to the source in order to learn about rum and also about the craftsmanship and culture of the country producing it. We attend and judge most major events.

  • Public Speaking

    The International Rum Council members are anxious to talk about rum.  Let us share our knowledge.

  • Consulting

    The International Rum Council is available as a group and as individual representatives to assist with rum festivals and tasting competitions, marketing campaigns, brand development and determining rum flavor profiles.

Our Members Blogs

Sample our members writing here and visit their sites directly.

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  • The Exclusive Angostura Global Cocktail Competition Interview with Ian Burrell: Part 2

    From Part 1, the interview continues…. Rum in Focus Nick: Nature vs. Nurture; Jamaica vs. London: Of Jamaican lineage, but born and bred in London, England. London, one of the most sophisticated cocktail scenes. Jamaica, like many Caribbean islands, very over-proof, simple mixed drinks. These are kind of contrasting styles, maybe geographical-based styles. Do you feel […]

  • The Exclusive Angostura Global Cocktail Competition Interview with Ian Burrell

    A trip to Trinidad for the Angostura Global Cocktail Competition 2014 was an experience by itself. During the week of festivities, I managed to catch up with Ian Burrell, not only one of the judges of the competition, but also, the Global Rum Ambassador. Big name, right? It’s not a title fit for just anyone. […]

  • Rhumerie de Fonds-Préville: A Journey to the Center of the Agricole World part 2

    TheRumCollective.com – Less than 48 hours in Martinique and intoxicated by its nature and the spirit of Agricole it yields, quite literally, I begin again… Today, we were off to see the harvest at Rhum J.M; those robust agricole legs viewed inside my glass last night, now, firmly underneath me. The journey up north is post […]

Rum Photography

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